The Enormous Profit

The Enormous Profit


Aphra's back with a brand-new plan that's guaranteed to pay! There's just one teensy problem... it involves surrounding herself with some of the galaxy's biggest baddies. And they don't like the not-so-good doctor's tricks! Her mission to make quick credits by auctioning off an ancient Jedi artifact will start well... and end badly. And that's just when a dark figure from Aphra's past decides to make an appearance! Plus, a solo focus on Aphra's Wookiee shadow, Black Krrsantan! Find out why this beastly bounty hunter is as frightening as they say... and then some! COLLECTING: STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA 9-13, ANNUAL

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Title:The Enormous Profit
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.4 of 5 stars (Votes: 1236)

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  • FanboyBen

    The first volume of Kieron Gilllen and Kev Walke’rs “Doctor Aphra” ranks, for my money, as one of this year’s biggest surprises: a series based entirely around a secondary character from Gille...

  • Blindzider

    Not sure why exactly but not as fun as the previous stories with the good Doctor. This arc seems to want to wrap up her current situation, that of having two murderous droids (my favorites) and a wook...

  • Paul Decker

    I am very much enjoying the Doctor Aphra character. She's not on the good side, she's not on the bad side, and she has a scientific and dark mind. This volume starts out with Black Krrsantan's backsto...

  • Chris Lemmerman

    Spinning out of Volume 1 and the Screaming Citadel crossover, Doctor Aphra now holds the Immortal Rur, an ancient Jedi AI, and she's going to sell him to the highest bidder. But wait, who invited Dart...

  • Don

    This was a brilliant story. It took many unexpected twists and turns and was thrilling ride the entire way. Highly recommend...

  • Sesana

    Feels like an ending, though apparently it's only the end of Gillen's run. Quite a bit of fun to read, and I really like the title....

  • Stephen Richter

    Great story, art work and humor. Doctor Aphra series has great characters with snappy dialogue. ...

  • Sebastian Song

    The zany adventures of our female space Indiana Jones continue as she auctions a priceless Jedi artefact....

  • Frank

    One of the most fun Star Wars stories and a window into where they can take the universe in other media. Yes, I want a Doctor Aphra series with, as the good doctor herself says, "...killer

  • Liz (Quirky Cat)

    I’ve always found Doctor Aphra to be a fun read – even back when she was only making appearances in Darth Vader’s series. She’s a bit of a gray scale character, which admittedly is one of my ...