Scales & Scoundrels, Vol. 1: Into The Dragon’s Maw

Scales & Scoundrels, Vol. 1: Into The Dragon’s Maw


It's hard to make an honest living in a land brimming with magic and mystery, and treasure hunter Luvander is tired of being a penniless adventurer. Ever in search of gold and glory, she sets off for a fabled dungeon "the Dragon's Maw," an ancient labyrinth at the bottom of which slumber endless wealth...or certain doom!

A loner by trade, Luvander is forced to team up with a team of scraggly adventurers, each hoping to find a treasure of their own in the forbidden tomb.: there is Prince Aki, of the Scarlet Sands Empire, anxious for first taste of adventure yet blind to the consequences. hHis royal Shadow and bodyguard, Koro, whose very honor hangs in the balance of her prince's success. And Dorma Iron, a stocky young dwarf whose journey will take her deeper into the darkness than she ever wished to tread.

For these scruffy heroes, what starts out as a road to riches becomes the first step on an epic journey to destiny, for Luvander holds a secret in her heart that will shatter the chains of fate, and bring light to a world encroached upon by an ancient darkness.

Writer SEBASTIAN GIRNER (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!) and artist GALAAD are proud to present SCALES & SCOUNDRELS, an exciting new fantasy adventure from Image Comics, for scoundrels of all ages!

Collecting SCALES & SCOUNDRELS #1-5

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Title:Scales & Scoundrels, Vol. 1: Into The Dragon’s Maw
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.3 of 5 stars (Votes: 755)

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  • Chad

    Your standard sword and sorcery book topped with a twist of Studio Ghibli. The art is sometimes frustrating, others quite good. I would like to see it more defined, especially faces. There are times w...

  • Brendan Nicholls

    This is one of my favourite books for quite sometime. It has an interesting concept and hopefully grows into a long term series, a lot of these tend to vanish after 10 issues. I love when a series can...

  • Roy

    3.5*Read this over my lunch break today. Solid standard fantasy affair. Kinda had this weird d&d mix with pokemon artwork. Characters were fun, enough action ( a little YAish) and some funny moments. ...

  • Devann

    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalleyI thought this was a pretty fun story, even if it does have a lot of REALLY standard fantasy elements. I would also like it if the artwork was a littl...

  • Kenny

    A whimsical fantasy adventure where D&D meets Ghibli. Fun....

  • Alex Sarll

    Normally, I bristle at alliterative riffs on Dungeons and Dragons, or Image attempts at outright secondary world fantasy, but this new book from the co-writer of Shirtless Bear-Fighter! is pretty good...

  • Geoffrey Payne

    This series immediately caught my eye when Image released the first cover artwork. So, when it released I picked it up at my local comic shop. The beginning is fantastic and sets up some questions tha...

  • Chelsey

    Colorful, action-filled, and fast-paced, I enjoyed this but don't know if it's more than just a wild ride. The characters are a bit one-dimensional, though I am interested in Lu's background. Sort of ...

  • Shannon

    An excellent, colorful sword & sorcery romp that manages effortless worldbuilding, action, character depth, and plot twists, all without taking itself too seriously. Familiar tropes that avoid being e...

  • Katy

    This comic was a fun, and enjoyable read. It reminded me a lot of Rat Queens, in the way that neither take the fantasy genre too seriously. If you like fantasy/d&d inspired stories then give this a go...