High Lonesome Sound

High Lonesome Sound


In the sleepy mountain town of Moon Hollow, Virginia, there is a church with a crooked steeple. No one will say for sure how it got that way, but it’s the reason the whole town gathers every Decoration Day to honor the dead.

But this year, there are two fresh graves up on Cemetery Hill, a stranger’s come to town, and the mountain’s song is filled with dark warnings.

The good people of Moon Hollow are about to learn that some secrets are too painful to bear, and some spirits are too restless to stay buried.

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Title:High Lonesome Sound
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.2 of 5 stars (Votes: 359)

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  • Paul Goat

    A gothic horror set in the heart of Appalachia; Wells’ High Lonesome Sound is a darkly immersive storytelling tour de force. When struggling horror novelist Peter West rents a cabin in a remote plac...

  • Melliane

    2.5/5I’ve always loved all of the Jaye Wells’s novels that I read and when I saw that she was releasing a new story, I was very intrigued! How not to be?The author brings original and different id...

  • Chris Bauer

    I've read a number of novels by author Jaye Wells in the past and have always enjoyed her style of urban fantasy and other variants."High Lonesome Sound" is a horse of an altogether different color. G...

  • Tori Meskell

    Fantastic edge of your seat reading I love Jaye Wells's writing, so it's obvious why I would choose this to read. However, this is different from anything I've read from her up until now. She's create...

  • Jennifer Jamieson

    Horror writer Peter West is watching his life go off the rails. He hasn't written a new book in too long, and his ex-wife is now writing an expose book about their life together. He's depressed, but r...

  • Vickie

    I love Jaye Wells. Have done since my intro to Sabina Kane. Haven't met her? RED-HEADED STEPCHILD is first in the series....go..get...it! Horror takes many forms. I like mine with atmosphere. Draw me ...

  • Marsha Hubbell

    I’m a huge fan of Jaye Wells and her urban fantasy series. When I heard she was writing an American gothic tale, I could hardly wait. “High Lonesome Sound” has it all – fear, horror, shock, su...

  • Sandra Robards

    I loved this book. It was haunting and tense, with a beautiful use of words to set the mood and build the feeling of dread and anticipation of the horror to come. The characters: a young woman raised ...

  • Michelle Palmer

    WOW!!!I have enjoyed several of Wells' Urban Fantasy books but this was amazing. A small town run by a deacon of the church. An author who comes upon a story about the town in a book of small town leg...

  • Jo Dawson

    Demons and legends and a dash of witchcraft - everything I love in a book! High Lonesome Sound is the tale of a man looking for a story, he didn’t plan on entering a different world. And Moon Hollow...